Lightweight Metallic Hot ZonesWith its ENERZONE®, PLANSEE can provide genuine lightweight hot zones that reduce energy requirements by up to 25%. PLANSEE now uses lightweight bearing rails made from molybdenum alloys that are bent into a U-shape. These lie directly on the posts. Therefore, caps are no longer needed. The new rails are less susceptible to distortion and are much easier to replace than their heavyweight counterparts. To save even more weight, PLANSEE has replaced pure molybdenum with the molybdenum alloys ML and TZM. Thanks to their high recrystallization temperature and creep resistance, the more lightweight shielding panels and rails maintain rigidity. PLANSEE has also replaced stainless steel with molybdenum because a single layer of molybdenum has the same shielding effect as five layers of steel. ENERZONE not only consumes less energy but also provides better performance. It heats up faster, cools down more quickly and guarantees shorter cycle times.