The Timken Company is currently featuring its new $34 million in-line forge press investment at Forge Fair 2013 in Columbus, Ohio. The 3,300-ton forge press now in production at the Timken Faircrest Steel Plant in Canton offers Timken and its customers sound-center engineered steel bars that can unlock new market opportunities and operating efficiencies. Booth visitors (733) will see a video demonstration of the forge press and the innovative large-bar forged-rolled process. Timken developed and installed this process to enhance center soundness of an increased cross section of Timken SBQ steel. Construction continues on two other significant investments in the company’s steel facilities. A second ladle refining station and a jumbo bloom continuous caster at the Faircrest plant remain on schedule to begin production in the second quarter of 2013 and the second half of 2014, respectively.