Tenova Core and AustralTek announced the signing of a long-term technology cooperation agreement to better serve the North and South American metals industry. When combined, the automation product lines of Tenova Core and AustralTek includes: engineering, Level 1, Level 2, process control systems, Physical Ladle Tracking (PLT) and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) as well as information technology solutions. These systems are very complementary in the melt shop, rolling mill and other areas of the steel/aluminum plant.

AustralTek is a Pittsburgh, Pa.-based company dedicated to developing industry solutions in the areas of electrical engineering, automation and industrial IT. AustralTek has a strong presence in the South American market and has successfully implemented technical solutions for the following types of equipment: DRI plants, blast furnaces, electric-arc furnaces, secondary metallurgy facilities, vacuum degassers, material-handling systems, continuous casting machines, hot and cold rolling mills, and more.