The difference between success and failure in the future will be directly related to the effective leadership of your team. High-performing teams that think positive, innovate, make good/quick decisions and have minimal errors come from great leadership.

The challenge is having access to the right training tools to teach your people the skills of leadership. MTI is excited to announce that it has released an enhanced online training track in addition to the current Heat Treat Specialist Certificate (HTS). Upon completion of the enhanced management coursework as a part of your HTS, you will upgrade your HTS to a Heat Treat Management Specialist (HTMS). This signifies completion of 60 hours of technical training plus 16 hours of the management track for a total of 76 credit hours. The coursework will include:

•          The keys to eliminating waste in lean manufacturing

•          How to rev up your team in a high-paced work environment

•          How to think strategically as a leader and communicate that to your people

•          Manufacturing – how it will come back with a vengeance

•          Character traits of leaders

•          Communication and leadership

•          How effective leaders make quick decisions

•          Leaders provide the how, employees provide the what

•          How leaders develop effective teams

•          Leadership and staff development                    

•          How great leaders obtain followers

•          Getting what you want without a fight

•          Leadership and attitude

•          Leadership and personality

•          Leadership and the third person


Leaders should be adequately equipped with the knowledge they need to make precise decisions, minimize errors, inspire their people and maximize productivity. If you want to see if someone is an effective leader, the first step is to see if they have the dedication to enhance their ability to lead people. Encourage your management to achieve their maximum potential and earn their HTS Certificate (60 hours) or HTMS Certificate (76 hours) in 2013.

If you are enrolled in the MTI Academy Subscription program, the coursework is included in your subscription. If you are not a subscriber, visit to become one today. Subscribing to MTI’s Online Academy fixes your annual cost of training and provides your team unlimited access to more than 200 hours of technical and managerial training.