As we move through the first quarter of 2013, there are many issues that will begin to have an impact on manufacturers. These include expansion, healthcare, finding qualified line personnel, training existing employees and increased EPA/OSHA regulations. Some are great problems to have; others are not.

How do you handle these growing issues? They aren’t going away and, if ignored, will only plague manufacturers with heat-treating operations.

Heat treating is one of the most labor-, energy- and capital-intensive parts of the manufacturing process. It requires large, expensive furnaces and equipment to be in operation for a minimal amount of output. All of this adds up to increasing costs, personnel challenges and lower profits.

Today, more than ever, some in manufacturing face the dilemma of “How will I accomplish this work in the least time for my customer with the least investment to get the best return for our company?” A highly specialized job might require new expertise and equipment, or it might even be more of the same kind of work that’s been done for years but exceeds current capacity.

Meeting manufacturing’s needs for unique applications and varying demands creates stress on departments and headaches for managers. Having to scramble to find equipment for special/new applications, acquiring expertise to handle a new requirement, building capacity that won’t be needed later, or even the stress of an extraordinary amount of staff overtime are all difficult situations to deal with.

As you seek to expand your heat-treat operations, the associated costs and challenges grow. Tapping into the largest network of commercial heat treaters in the world makes perfect sense for many manufacturers.

A Strategic Partnership with Metal Treating Institute (MTI) members can be just what a heat-treating manager needs to reduce stress and boost productivity. MTI members in 40 states and six countries have a consistent track record of experience, expertise, success and capabilities to handle unique or burdensome requirements. Trusted, competent organizations that respond to unique needs can be extremely valuable strategic partners of manufacturers. Not only can they do some jobs better and faster, they can even do it for less money. By using the existing capacity of an outsourced heat treater as well as the knowledge and experience of their engineering/metallurgist team and their highly skilled labor force, a heat-treating manager can eliminate many of his or her headaches and provide a greater level of support to manufacturing operations.

MTI is a non-profit trade association that represents the world’s largest network of commercial heat treaters. Member companies offer manufacturers the ultimate in cost-cutting measures through outsourcing. MTI heat treaters specialize in reducing costs per unit and increasing profit margins for manufacturers while keeping quality at very high levels and errors rates to a minimum.

Through expanded capacity, expertise and focus on training, MTI commercial heat treaters pursue a number of key elements to ensure they are prepared to meet your needs.

  • MTI members have achieved virtually every major certification, including ISO 9000, Nadcap, CQI-9 and QS 9000. There is no process or metal that is too challenging for an MTI member.
  • MTI members are engaged in one of the top management training programs in the country, the MTI Y.E.S. Management Training Program. The Y.E.S. program is facilitated by one of America’s leading management training companies, which also trains several Fortune 500 companies.
  • MTI member companies are part of the MTI Online Academy, the industry’s premier online training site. Every month, MTI graduates numerous employees from its Qualified Furnace Operator and Heat Treat Specialist Certificate Program. This program certifies an individual has taken more than 60 hours of instruction on the Academy and has completed more than 12 consecutive months of on-the-job training.
  • MTI members are committed to offering manufacturers expertise in metallurgy, research and development as well as line personnel.


Through outsourcing, manufacturers gain an entire technical team that allows more freedom to focus on the three areas that will drive your future growth: marketing strategy, lean operations and customer growth.

Don’t let the economy run your operation into the ground. It’s time to take a fresh new look at outsourcing. It reduces costs, eliminates headaches, increases customer focus and increases productivity.

To search MTI’s worldwide network of heat treaters, visit and click on Locate a Heat Treater.