Solar Manufacturing Inc. received an order for a Model HVC-3836-2IQ horizontal, front-loading-type vacuum carburizing furnace from Aero Gear Inc., a U.S.-based gear manufacturer. This furnace will be used for the carburizing of a variety of gears applicable to both the commercial and military aerospace industry. The work zone of this furnace will be 24 inches wide x 24 inches high x 36 inches deep with a hearth designed to accommodate up to a 1,000-pound workload. The entire hot zone utilizes a Flexshield hot face backed by four layers of ½-inch-thick graphite-felt insulation supported by a heavy-duty stainless steel structure.

The heating elements will consist of thin, durable, curved graphite, allowing for a maximum operating temperature of 2500°F. The vacuum pumping system will be a Stokes Model 412J 300-CFM mechanical pump backed by a Stokes 615 booster blower for vacuum operation in the low micron range. A new Solar proprietary radial fan and gas diffuser/distributor design with internal 100-HP drive motor is capable of providing rapid quenching of loads to their required hardness if gas quenching is specified.