HED International of Ringoes, N.J., is developing rotary furnaces with GE and Rutgers material science engineers for processing nano powders. The goal is production of advanced submicron particle-size material under precisely controlled thermal and atmosphere conditions to make stronger, lighter, energy-efficient ceramics and metals. The HED RTC rotary-furnace atmosphere sealing system (TSS™) designed for this project is an exclusive Unique/Pereny design featuring gas-purged, double mechanical seals capable of operating with near-zero pressure losses and system air ingress for the best performance, efficiency and safety available.

Seal performance may be continuously monitored and adjusted, simplifying routine maintenance and maximizing seal service life. The TSS sealing system is designed for processing a wide range of materials and atmospheres, including some that may be reactive, flammable or explosive. The thermal rating up to 1800°C
(3272°F) is available with precise control of atmosphere and temperature gradient profiles.