Control of the manufacturing sites SECO/WARWICK Europe (Poland), SECO/WARWICK Corp. and Retech (both U.S.), SECO/WARWICK Retech (China), SECO/WARWICK Allied (India) and the service sites SECO/WARWICK Service (Germany) and SECO/WARWICK Russia (Russia) have been consolidated under the SECO/WARWICK Group . Seco/Warwick now consists of a holding located in Świebodzin, Poland, which is listed on the Warsaw stock exchange and keeps the shares and control of the manufacturing sites S/W Europe, S/W Corp. and Retech, S/W Retech, S/W Allied and the service sites S/W Service and S/W Russia. The S/W holding has a lean structure in which five vice presidents control the five business segments: vacuum technology (VAC), atmosphere technology (ATM), aluminum processes (AP), controlled atmosphere brazing (CAB) and vacuum metallurgy equipment (VME/Retech). The holding is globally responsible for functions such as procurement, HR and finances.