It is truly a personal honor to be elected President of the Metal Treating Institute. Serving the heat-treating industry has been a passion of mine since the early 1980s, and being involved with MTI since the early 1990s has been extremely rewarding. I have served MTI the last seven years as a Board member. Being selected by my peers and associates to help steer this wonderful institute is very satisfying, and I am humbled by your trust. Thank you all.

We are living in an amazing time, and there is certainly no shortage of outside distractions to go along with our professional lives. We are looking at changes in our country and our government on an almost daily basis. And regardless of how we emerge from the November elections, manufacturing is going to play a key role in the continued recovery of the global economy. MTI is actively engaged with our allies, such as NAM, MAPI and IHEA, and with our more than 300 members and associate members. This network has made us a vital and formidable group in the manufacturing community.

And what should excite us all, and make us very proud, is that the heat-treating industry is critical to all facets of everyday life.  When we work the magic of heat treating, it ensures that the aerospace, transportation, civil-engineering and global defense industries can rely on our high standards. What we do truly matters. You, as the unsung and often unseen providers of quality and safety, should be proud of what we do. We have made great strides over the last several years to enhance the image, profitability and productivity of heat-treating companies and suppliers. These efforts include:

• New online monthly sales reporting and quarterly operational cost studies to receive important financial data faster so that you can manage your business in a timely fashion.

• An industry certification-training program with the MTI Online Academy for Heat Treaters.  We bestow the Heat Treat Specialist Certificate on graduates of that Academy.

• Technical Standards Committee working with Nadcap, AMEC and other technical entities to help our industry understand and comply with changing standards.

• Improved and modernized Employee Safety Manuals to enhance safety awareness.

• Y.E.S. Management Training Program to help you build strong leaders in our industry and member companies.

• Strong national and regional Meetings to bring you the latest in management and technology trends and information.

• MyMTI Online Community to help you network with other members and have access to valuable information resources 365 days a year.

• Knowledgeable consultants in metallurgy, safety, and environmental and management strategies.

• Increased outsourcing opportunities and new marketing tools such as industry videos, and a new website focused on “Why outsource heat treating?”


The opportunities to benefit from your MTI affiliation are too numerous to list. This is certainly powerful in an environment where time is critical on your heat-treating line. I urge anyone not a member of MTI to join our cause today and to use the resources we offer for the betterment your business. Our staff, industry support team and associate suppliers stand ready to help whenever we can.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to serve as your President in 2013. I believe together we can thrive this year and beyond because we are positioned to help the economy recover. Join the largest network of heat treaters today and become MTI Strong!