IntensiQuenceinbodyIQ Technologies Inc. is hosting an all-day workshop on April 24 to provide attendees with an overview of IntensiQuench® processes and production IQ equipment, examine the data from actual part studies, and give you a forum to discuss the application of intensive quenching to enhance the performance properties of your heat-treated products.

The workshop will help answer these questions for you:

  • How can my heat-treated products benefit from intensive water quenching and save costs?
  • How does the IQ process provide both enhanced strength and better ductility at the same time?
  • How does intensive quenching equipment differ from traditional water, oil, salt or gas quenching systems? 

Who should attend this workshop?

  • Experienced heat-treat metallurgists and part designers who need better properties for their products than possible from the traditional oil or high-pressure gas quenching processes.
  • Steel product design engineers developing higher power density parts.
  • Manufacturing engineers wanting to implement single-part processing and integrate “green” heat-treating into the part manufacturing cell. 

The technical program includes presentations by metallurgical scientists, CFD and Finite Element modeling experts, and experienced heat treaters. Registration ($250) is now open and seating is limited. For more details, visit or call Dr. Michael Aronov, CEO, at 440-542-0821.