The new Pico Super Air Nozzle™, at only 5 mm in diameter, provides precision blow-off with a directed high-volume, high-velocity airflow. The air nozzle projects less than ½ inch past the mounting surface, which permits installation where space is limited. The durable Type 316 stainless steel construction is ideally suited for blow-off, cooling and drying applications located in general industrial, high-temperature or corrosive environments. This CE-compliant air nozzle has been engineered to provide a narrowly focused air pattern that measures only 1.3 inches in diameter when positioned 6 inches away from the target surface. High amplification of entrained airflow and a blowing force of 5 ounces are achieved with minimal air consumption. The Pico Super Air Nozzle meets the OSHA standards for dead-end pressure and noise requirements, ensuring safe operation.