For the Metal Treating Institute, “Got Training?” is the focus for the future. Training is the number-one key to building employee morale, minimizing error rates and boosting productivity. Training also helps employees accept change and new technology.

Training has such positive impact on those key elements. Why would you not have a culture of training in your organization? MTI thinks every company should have a plan of attack to ensure 100% of employees are in some type of training program.

Since the inception of MTI’s Online Academy in 2006, MTI has averaged 278 courses passed per month. That is 21,684 courses in total. With the unlimited subscription program, MTI has saved participating companies over $1.2 million in training costs.

MTI provides two certificate programs that any heat-treating company can use to create that culture of training. They are:

Qualified Furnace Operator Program (newly launched online)
This program was adopted a number of years ago by ARP 1962 to meet the industry’s minimum training requirements. It has been available in print format, but it was recently launched online to make it more convenient for any heat treater to enroll. It includes 10 hours of DVD training on five modules, including Metallurgical Theory, Materials, Processes, Equipment and Quality/Testing/Inspection. MTI has approved a special $199 introductory offer for the new online program, which is a savings of $50 per student.

Heat-Treat Specialist Certificate
This training program grants a Heat-Treat Specialist Certificate to any student who has completed 60 hours of online training and provides written documentation they have worked in a heat-treat plant for 12 consecutive months. This certificate blends online learning with on-the-job training. Employees can choose from MTI’s 150-plus hours of online training to complete their 60 hours. We have a training subscription to fit your needs.

This past year, Boeing, FedEx and Eaton Corp., as well as many well-known commercial heat treaters, have subscribed to the MTI Academy for their training needs. Training teaches your people to think like a heat treater, which allows you to leverage your management to focus on more important issues. Empower your people today by enrolling your company in MTI’s Online Academy or in one of the two programs above.

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