2012 and 2013 stand to be years of opportunity for the heat-treating industry as well as manufacturing. Most companies have rebounded from the economic downturn and are poised for the future. The question is, are you prepared to maximize that opportunity?

The Metal Treating Institute (MTI), with its Board of Trustees and working committees, play a key role in your company by maximizing productivity, quality, profitability, safety and training with focus in the following areas:

Protecting the way heat treaters do business

Through MTI’s partnership with the National Association of Manufacturers and the Council of Manufacturing Associations, we leverage the resources of over 125,000 members to give manufacturing a loud and clear voice in government. Through this partnership, we push for pro-business legislation as well as fight against unreasonable and overbearing regulations.

Providing the best technical and management training in the industry

Through the YES Management Training Program and the MTI Online Academy, we are pursuing the highest levels of training in many areas, including management, strategic thinking, quality, metallurgy and safety.

Each year, the YES program graduates 25 to 30 executives and the online academy averages 278 courses passed each month. These metrics illustrate how MTI is on track to empower management and line personnel to pursue excellence in their careers.

Expanding the market and providing outsourcing partnerships

MTI is the largest network of heat treaters in the world. As a group, we provide manufacturers an opportunity to expand their capacity, productivity and expertise through outsourcing partnerships with MTI member companies. MTI members perform virtually every process for many Fortune-500 companies.

Providing data and information  for making great business decisions

One of MTI’s greatest strengths is industry information and research data. Through several benchmarking studies and forecasting models, MTI is able to help heat treaters understand their costs and trends related to industry averages as well as predict sales and costs in the future. Through our research membership with the Manufacturers Alliance for Production and Innovation, members are able to view historical data and forecasts for 27 different manufacturing sectors. They are able to gain access to this valuable data from MTI’s online resource library, which is available 24/7.

Connecting you with the best minds in heat treating

It doesn’t matter what the topic, challenge or opportunity, members are able to network with the best minds across the country through MTI’s various meetings and the online community to gain new ideas and perspectives on how to improve their business model.

I encourage you to become involved and participate in MTI’s movement to help improve every business in the heat-treating industry. Alone, you are a soldier. Together, you are part of an army that can ensure we have a thriving marketplace to operate in. For more information on MTI, visit www.HeatTreat.net or contact our offices at 904-249-0448.