Furnaces North America 2012 offers something for everyone. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for in heat treating, you will find it Oct. 2-3 at the Renaissance Nashville Hotel and Convention Center.

FNA 2012 will host 32 technical sessions and more than 150 top suppliers and heat treaters from over 30 states and seven countries.

Between networking with the industry’s best minds, visiting the 150-plus exhibitor booths and attending your choice of 32 technical sessions, you are sure to find the answers to your current challenges and areas for growth.

This year’s technical sessions feature top experts and suppliers presenting on the following subject matter:

  • Gas vs. Liquid Quenching
  • Effective Energy Strategies
  • Catalytic Gas Nitriding
  • Best Practices for Atmosphere Controls and Troubleshooting
  • Novel Induction Heat Treating Technologies
  • Low-Pressure Carburizing of Pyrowear 53
  • Energy Savings in Low-Temperature Applications
  • Using Technology to do More With Less in a Heat-Treat Shop
  • The Secrets to Successful Vacuum Brazing
  • Advances in Roller Hearth Furnaces for Steel and Copper Tubing Bright
  • Annealing
  • How to Reduce Your Energy Bill
  • Independently Controlled Carbon and Nitrogen Potential
  • All You Want to Know About AMS 2750E
  • Benefits of Utilizing CFD Modeling for Furnace Design
  • How Vacuum Tempering Systems Work and When to Use Them
  • Managing Distortion
  • Maximizing Your Data Acquisition Investment
  • Simulation of the Carburizing and Carbonitriding Heat-Treat Processes
  • New Plug-and-Play Installation of Stainless Steel Hardening
  • Energy and Temperature Uniformity Gains With Modern Burners
  • Solution-Oriented Approach to Nitriding/Nitrocarburizing Controls
  • Salt Bath Quenching for Minimum Distortion
  • Computer Modeling of Induction Heating
  • Maximizing Quench Performance by Proper Fan, Motor and Drive Selection
  • Radiant Tube Concepts
  • Tips and Tricks on the Use of a Centralized Information Point in Heat
  • Treatment
  • New Technology Will Provide Easy, Fast, Manageable and Precise Planning
  • Industry Overview of Vacuum-Furnace Control Systems
  • Tighter Control Through Understanding What Your TUS Reports are Telling
  • You
  • Lessons Learned From Case Hardening
  • Cures for the Heat-Treat Headaches
  • Simulation of Ferritic Nitriding Processes

Don’t miss MTI’s Fall Meeting, which is held in conjunction with FNA 2012. It will be the event that brings your company to the next level of success in 2013.
Visit www.HeatTreat.net and click on Fall Meeting for full meeting details. If you have any questions, contact the MTI offices at 904-249-0448 or info@heattreat.net.