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Founded in 1990, Nitrex Metal Technologies Inc.(NMT) is a full-service, family owned and operated premium surface-treatment facility.

Conceived as a complementary-processing sister facility to one of Canada’s largest commercial heat-treating companies, H&S Heat Treat, NMT has grown to become the surface-treatment supplier of choice for numerous market segments, including automotive, oil & gas, mining and construction, power generation, tool & die, and aerospace.

Based in Burlington, Ontario, NMT operates over 50,000 square feet of production area, housing an array of Nitreg® controlled gas nitriding capacity and home to a fully automated “lights-out” nitriding cell, which features twin horizontal multi-chamber furnaces with complementary wash systems – the only of its kind anywhere.

The Nitreg system is the most advanced computer-controlled gas nitriding/FNC technology currently available. This allows NMT to offer a high level of process control whether for custom one-off applications or high-volume repeat work – a must for discerning customers and critical applications. 

NMT has the on-site capabilities to process a wide variety of materials, including plain carbon, HSLA, low-alloy, tool and specialty steels, cast iron and stainless steels. While Nitreg controlled gas nitriding and ferritic nitrocarburizing are its mainstay surface-treatment processes, NMT offers vacuum hardening, cryogenic treatment and surface conditioning services. NMT is also capable of processing very large part geometries. Sizes in excess of 58 inches in diameter by 139 inches in length weighing over 22,000 pounds are not uncommon.

Nitreg nitriding technology offers a very uniform, consistent and repeatable hardened nitride diffusion layer that allows for enhanced wear resistance, increased surface lubricity and antiadhesion/ anti-galling properties. If enhanced corrosion resistance is also required, Nitreg®-ONC is the solution. This process has all
the benefits of the nitride coupled with a post-nitride oxidation that provides increased corrosion properties for demanding applications
such as hydraulic cylinder and down-hole drilling rods.

Critical applications requiring the use of corrosion-resistant steels can also benefi t from the wear-resistant properties that Nitreg nitriding technology can provide. Landing-gear components and actuator gear sets are just a few product lines that can see increased performance in service.

NMT’s Product Development Team consists of materials, quality, engineering and customer-service disciplines to ensure all aspects of new application requirements are addressed cohesively with the client’s team – from design, failure analysis, materials selection, manufacturing and delivery logistics. An on-site, full-service metallurgical laboratory staffed with experienced technicians and a PhD metallurgist ensures that all customer requirements are met or exceeded for every order that leaves the facility without exceptions.

Quality and customer satisfaction are extremely important in today’s highly competitive heat-treating market. NMT is ISO 9001:2008 as well as TS 16949:2009 registered and is currently moving toward becoming Nadcap accredited. These quality systems provide a foundation for the continual improvement and success that NMT has realized over the years.

NMT is no stranger to expansion. Satellite divisions have been strategically located around North America in an effort to better service customers. NMT currently has operations in Edmonton, Alberta; Erie, Pa.; and Round Rock, Texas.

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