T600 Flame SafeguardEclipse Inc. 

The T600 Flame Safeguard offers the most flexible, cost-effective solution for burner control anywhere in the world. T600 is a single burner controller for use with direct- or indirect-fired furnace or oven applications that require globally approved flame safety systems. It features an advanced microprocessor to precisely control burner start-up and operation. Burners with either direct or pilot ignition can be managed. T600 provides more of the features, options and versatility users need, including programming flexibility, scalability and advanced diagnostics. It operates with a flame rod or UV scanner without changing models or modules. Program sequences and operating times can be customized to provide exacting burner control in virtually any application. T600 supports intermittent or continuous operation. Optional Modbus or Profibus communication is available to provide details at the operator’s location. T600 models are available with or without an integrated display.   www.eclipsenet.com