Low-Temperature Regenerative (LTR) Combustion System

Preheated combustion air can be supplied to industrial burners for increased efficiency and fuel savings. This is typically accomplished by using a central recuperator. The new LTR™ (low-temperature regenerative) system is a more thermally efficient alternative to a recuperator. It preheats combustion air to within approximately 212°F (100°C) of the flue-gas temperature and then supplies the hot air to multiple burners and multiple zones on a furnace. The LTR system can yield roughly twice as much fuel savings as a system that uses a recuperator. It can be an ideal solution for furnaces operating between 800-1600°F (427-871°C). In comparison to self-recuperative burner technology, the more efficient, centrally located LTR system can operate with more extensive burner capacities and is not inherently limited by maximum temperatures like an all-metal self-recuperative burner design. Bloom Engineering’s proven success with similar regenerative burner technology over the past two decades, combined with demonstrated LTR field installation results, make the LTR system an exciting new cost-savings solution.