Tenova LOI Italimpianti, along with Tenova Hypertherm, signed a contract with BMM Ispat Ltd. for the supply of a 160-ton/hour walking-beam furnace. BMM Ispat, a company located in the state of Karnataka, South India, is setting up an 850,000-ton/year merchant bar mill with all upstream facilities (including blast furnace, coke-oven batteries, steel meltshop, continuous caster, etc.) as part of its 2-million-ton/year integrated steel plant. The main feature of the new furnace is the use of low calorific value, which maximizes the utilization of blast-furnace gas. The furnace’s combustion system will be fuel flexible, allowing the use of 100% HFO initially, fuel mix of BFG and HFO as well as mixed gas in the future.