Solar Manufacturing announced the sale of two new vacuum furnaces to Kentucky Heat Treating Co. of Winchester, Ky. This equipment was purchased to satisfy expanding customer demands relating to various areas of tool-steel processing. The two identical furnaces have work zones that measure 24 inches wide x 24 inches high x 72 inches deep with a gross load capacity of 2,000 pounds.  The furnace insulation consists of 1-inch-thick, foil-faced graphite board backed by three layers of ½-inch high-purity graphite felt, all supported within a heavy-duty .090-inch-thick #304 stainless steel structure.             

The internal-quench systems of these furnaces will achieve excellent cooling rates produced by the extremely high velocity of quench gas at pressures up to 10 bar positive. The internal 300-HP drive motor and radial fan wheel will recirculate quench gas directly into the hot zone and onto the workload through tapered graphite nozzles and then through the all-copper, water-cooled, high-efficiency heat exchanger. The furnaces have a maximum operating temperature of 2500°F.