Wisconsin Oven designed and manufactured a gas-fired industrial draw batch oven with a powered load table for a company that repairs and refurbishes generators and steam/combustion turbines. The oven, which will be used for stress relieving stainless steel shafts used in turbines after a welding process, provided a faster heat-up rate and increased production capacity along with tighter temperature tolerances when compared the customer’s previous oven. It has basket dimensions of 5 feet wide x 7 feet, 6 inches high x 5 feet long and a maximum operating temperature of 1400ºF.           

The batch oven was designed with the capacity to heat 2,000 pounds of steel from 500°F to 1300°F within six hours when the oven is preheated. Wisconsin Oven designed it with a horizontal sliding door instead of a vertical lift door due to the height restrictions at the customer’s facility. The powered load/unload table was rated at a capacity of 2,000 pounds. The heating system features a 750,000-BTU/hour air heat burner, including a motorized gas control valve, flame detector and flame relay with alarm horn. The recirculation system provides combination airflow and utilizes a 15,000-CFM @ 15-HP blower. The majority of the air is delivered under the work to flow vertically upward past and through the product to provide even heating and maximize temperature uniformity.