Internal Quench Furnace Systems

BeaverMatic’s internal quench furnace systems are the workhorse of every heat-treat shop. Long known as Beavers, IQFs are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. Smaller-capacity furnaces include BeaverMatic’s uniqueBeaverRam pull-push transfer system, and larger furnaces include push-push load transfer systems. Since process versatility is a key to the success of every heat-treating shop, the IQF can be configured for carburizing, hardening and carbonitriding. Standard sizes ranging from 24 inches wide x 36 inches long x 26 inches high with 750-pound capacity to 36 inches long x 72 inches long x 36 inches high with 6,000-pound capacity are available.

In addition, BeaverMatic now has designs available for manufacturing equipment with high work chambers to customer’s exact size requirements as an alternative to pit furnaces. This equipment can have work chambers as large as 48 inches wide x 72 inches long x 96 inches high and weight capacity up to 15,000 pounds.