Super Systems Inc. (SSi) completed a controls retrofit project utilizing a centralized three-door enclosure at Specialty Steel Treating’s East Granby, Conn., facility. Thirteen furnaces were integrated into the three-door enclosure utilizing Series 9000 controls and SCADA software, including quench timing and alarming. The electrical enclosure included all the software and controls to automate an atmosphere batch furnace line. SSi programmable recipe controllers are being used to manage sophisticated processes for batch integral quench and tempering cycles.           

This upgrade provides the latest in control technology with redundant data storage of process data at the SuperDATA PC and on each controller’s HMI interface. SSi’s SuperDATA is an HMI/SCADA package designed specifically for the heat-treat market that contains a communication module, data-logging module, custom display system and a trend charting system. The software features continuous, paperless data collection, allowing for quick access to historical and current information.