Ceylon Steel Corporation (CSCL) will launch a $28 million state-of-the-art quenching tempered bar (QTB) plant in Athurugiriya (Sri Lanka) this year. The company will manufacture 500 and above MPa yield strength bars at its mill, which will be commissioned in November. The company will manufacture around 100,000 MT of steel rods per year and then increase its capacity up to 250,000 MT per year. According to construction industry standards, the minimum strength of a rod should be 460 MPa. But with the expansion in high-rise buildings, the minimum strength has been increased to 500 MPa, according to global standards.            

CSCL produces 460 MPa strength bars using Cold Twisted Bar (CTB) technology, which will be upgraded to meet world standards. The company has already launched an $80 million project to set up a modern steel village on the 160-acre site to fulfill the steel product needs of Sri Lanka.