AFC-Holcroft shipped three complete heat-treating cells and companion equipment to a U.S.-based customer’s facility in Russia. Each of the cells consist of a UBH 72-72-56 batch furnace system with top cool for carburizing, along with companion equipment including transfer car, scissors lift tables, load tables, 9,000-cfh EZ endothermic generator and ProcessMaster control system. In addition, each of the cells contain an atmosphere-type rotary-hearth furnace with automatic load/unload arm and wash-temper furnace for press quench, hardening and temper operations. The U.S.-based customer ordered the equipment shipped to their facility in Russia, which produces bearing races. The equipment will be used for hardening and carburizing.

In other news, AFC-Holcroft, as part of a working agreement with SIAD of Italy, supplied two endothermic gas generators for SIAD customers in Europe. Affiliating with AFC-Holcroft allows SIAD to extend its gas services into areas where endothermic gas is needed for its Direct Injection Carbon Potential Control system.