Pyradia delivered a state-of-the-art drop-bottom furnace to the Goodrich Aerostructures Group (formerly Rohr) facility in San Diego, Calif. The furnace, which is class II AMS 2750D certified, has a 9.5-foot-wide x 11.5-foot-long x 7-foot-high work zone and a 2,000-pound load capacity. The installation includes two quench tanks with different adjustable Glycol concentrations, one water rinse/quench tank and a Glycol management system. The mobile tank carrier is electronically driven with a multi-motor direct-drive system that requires no chains or sprockets, resulting in a super smooth displacement and automatic positioning with virtually no maintenance.            

The heating system is designed with indirect-fired burners complete with heat recuperation, ensuring average energy efficiency greater than 70%. The electromechanical hoist system guarantees a precise and automatic quench cycle, adjustable from 6 to 15 seconds. Pyradia is based in Quebec, Canada.