Lucifer Furnaces delivered a dual-chamber heat-treating furnace for use with inert atmosphere to Standard Alloys of Port Arthur, Texas. The unit will be used on a daily basis in the foundry and machine shop, which repairs pumps, compressors and other equipment for the refining and chemical industries. Materials to be heat treated include stainless steels and high-nickel alloy castings. The upper hardening chamber is designed for a positive flow of inert atmosphere, with continuous welds and gasketed door, roof plate and element terminals. Silicon-carbide elements mounted across the roof and below the silicon-carbide hearth plate produce heat to 2450°F.            

The lower tempering chamber heats to 1400°F with a rear-mounted fan assembly providing circulation for uniform heat. Each chamber has working dimensions of 24 inches high x 24 inches wide x 24 inches long and is operated independently with Honeywell digital time-proportioning temperature controllers. Seven inches of dry-fit multilayered lightweight insulating firebrick and mineral-wool block insulation provide energy-efficient operation and low outside shell temperature. An SCR power supply automatically adjusts voltage to the heating elements as resistance increases, providing a steady, low amperage and voltage supply for longer element life.