Kobe Steel, Ltd. plans to increase its production capacity of titanium alloys for the aerospace market and commercially pure titanium for general industry. The company plans to construct a new ring-rolling mill and install heat-treatment and inspection equipment for large forged products at its Takasago Works in Takasago, Hyogo Prefecture in western Japan. Through the capital investments, Kobe Steel will be able to increase and improve its production capacities for ring products for aircraft and large forgings made of titanium alloys.           

The new heat-treatment and inspection equipment will be for large forgings manufactured by Japan Aeroforge Ltd., a joint venture with Hitachi Metals Ltd. and other partners. This investment will expand sales to domestic heavy industry manufacturers of large titanium forgings. The equipment to be installed is aimed at meeting processing capacity as well as specifications from aircraft manufacturers. Production capacity will increase threefold. Titanium billets made at the Takasago Works will be supplied to Japan Aeroforge for die forging. The semi-finished forgings will then be returned to Takasago for heat treatment and inspection before being shipped to customers.