Vacuum Pumps

The new GXS450 and GXS750 pumps and combinations feature innovative screw technology and a high-efficiency drive to deliver high-vacuum performance. This enables users to optimize their processes and achieve a low cost of ownership and a reduced footprint. The new GXS pumps have high peak pumping speeds of up to 436 cfm. When combined with a booster pump, they can offer even higher speeds of up to 1,978 cfm while achieving ultimate vacuum typically down to 3.8x10-4torr without purge. These pumps are ideal for applications that require rapid pumping of large gas volumes, such as steel degassing and metallurgy processes. Its advanced temperature control, low maintenance and long service intervals of up to five years make the GXS the most robust and economical vacuum pump for industrial applications. In addition, the GXS has a long pump service life and is virtually maintenance free, even in harsh applications.