Germany’s Wire Körner recently shipped two of its new fluidized-bed furnaces. The first furnace is currently being commissioned at a customer’s site in Turkey. The second one is being installed in Ecuador. At Wire 2012, Wire Körner will present first reports on practical experience with this new technology. These patent-pending furnaces, which have no distributor pipes or tiles, afford the benefit of lower energy consumption by up to 15% and low investment and maintenance costs. In addition, premixing of the combustion gas outside the furnace guarantees uniform temperature distribution and reduced emissions.            
The furnaces dispense with distributor elements as typically used in conventional designs. This eliminates a number of components that used to be considered indispensible in the past, such as the fairly complex and expensive distributor tiles, perforated distribution pipes or stand-by blowers. The absence of the distributor equipment markedly reduces flow resistance of the combustion gas inside the furnace.