Jones Metal Products Company (JMP) of West Lafayette, Ohio, added equipment to provide additional capability for aluminum heat treating. The company purchased a second Recco drop-bottom furnace and a 2,800-gallon tank for hot-water quenching. This equipment joins the original Recco drop-bottom furnace and glycol quench tank already in operation. The dimensions of the new furnace are 41 inches x 42 inches x 66 inches. It has a load capacity of 900 pounds and can be heated to 1000°F. According to JMP, parts made from aluminum alloys such as 2014, 2025, 6061, 7049, 7050, 7075, 7149 and 7249 benefit from hot-water quenching after heat treatment in the furnace. These parts tend to be thick (often over 1 inch) and include plates, forgings, extrusions and castings.