Infrared Temperature Sensors

The Pro 100 and Pro 200 Series multi-wavelength infrared temperature sensors are ideal for a multitude of industrial applications where devices such as thermocouples and RTDs would be inaccurate, too slow or difficult to use. Sample applications include heat treating, metal forging and casting. Pro 100 and Pro 200 sensors use ESP algorithms to provide “aim-and-read” capabilities for non-greybody materials (e.g., annealed, galvannealed and stainless steel; aluminum; copper; etc.) that are not accurately measured by single- or dual-wavelength sensors because their change in emissivity varies by wavelength. The sensors measure the amount of infrared energy emitted by an object’s surface, then convert this signal into a temperature value between 200-4500°F. Accuracy is within 2°C or 0.25% of the reading (whichever is greater).