Infrared Thermometer

The Modline® 7 Series of infrared thermometers, combined with Ircon ModView™ Pro software and a variety of accessories, provides best-in-class solutions for demanding industrial environments. The Modline 7 is a rugged, IP65 (NEMA 4) sealed sensor system with the flexibility to meet nearly any continuous temperature monitoring and control requirement. The thermometers are used in a wide range of industrial applications, including metals processing, furnace refractory and semiconductor manufacturing. The Modline 7 offers exceptional versatility with extended temperature ranges (-40ºF to 5432ºF), high-resolution optics and fast response times. The thermometer’s sensing head can operate as a stand-alone sensor, providing simultaneous analog and digital outputs of process temperatures. Motorized focus control and both through-the-lens and laser sighting are standard on all units. The new thermometer’s intuitive sensor design – with integral water cooling in a stainless steel enclosure or high-temperature water jacket – reduces installation and setup time.