Ascon Tecnologic Inc. of Batavia, Ill., completed a major heat-treat retrofit project of eight carburizing furnaces, 10 temper furnaces and two cryogenic freezers at a Chicago-based aerospace manufacturer’s facility. The control products used in the retrofit include the SigmaPAC Series automation controller and the Gamma Series discrete panel controllers. All controllers are interfaced over Ethernet communications to multiple computers running Ascon Tecnologic AutoLink SCADA software, which provides local graphical interface and data achieving. The system complies with AMS2750D standards.          

The precision temperature and atmosphere control system is producing parts within tighter specifications with higher quality, and the system has greatly reduced the plant’s rework and scrap. The new control system provides unlimited ramp/soak programmer capabilities that are stored by unique nomenclature such as part number, heat number, program name or simply program number.  In addition to complete real-time and historical data trending, the system includes a unique program mimic screen to verify the ramp/soak program accuracy.