GE announced it is investing more than $10 million to expand its Inspection Technologies headquarters in Lewistown, Pa. Key features of the expansion project include a new global customer applications center as well as a nondestructive testing (NDT) academy for GE employees and customers. The expansion will enable GE to maintain its position as a leader in developing and manufacturing a wide range of remote visual inspection, ultrasonic, electromagnetic, advanced radiography and computed tomography systems as well as data-management software. These NDT systems are used to help extend the life of industrial assets in the oil and gas, power-generation, metals-manufacturing, automotive and aerospace sectors.          

GE’s 52,000-square-foot expansion project will increase the facility’s floor space by more than 63% and is scheduled to be completed in 2012. The current 82,000 square-foot facility employs more than 230 people in the production of NDT inspection tools. GE’s Inspection Technologies business is continuing to grow as more industrial operators embrace the use of NDT solutions to monitor the condition of their equipment and more accurately predict when certain components might need repair or replacement-thus helping them to avoid costly, unplanned maintenance outages.