In a joint statement, Sweden’s Thermalloys AB and Custom Electric Manufacturing Co. announced an agreement in principle whereby Custom Electric will be the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Thermalloys’ high-temperature industrial products in the U.S. Thermalloys manufactures thermocouple protection tubes, hot gas injection tubes, gas sampling and analysis probes, and related furnace components. These products, produced from Fe/Cr/Al alloys, operate at temperatures up to 2600ºF (1425ºC). In heat-treating, die-casting, molten-metal and related applications, Fe/Cr/Al components offer better durability, performance and service life than iron-based, Ni/Cr and ceramic products.            

According to Thermalloys, fabricating and shipping finished products from Custom Electric’s Wixom, Mich., headquarters will provide U.S. customers faster delivery, lower costs and superior service. According to Custom Electric, Thermalloys’ high-temperature tubular products complement Custom Electric’s heating elements and strengthen its position as a single-source supplier of products for the industrial thermal-processing industry.