Lucifer Furnaces installed a high-temperature furnace at ETREMA Products’ facility in Ames, Iowa. The Model HS3GT is capable of heating to 2450°F under inert atmosphere, with an SCR power supply for well-regulated voltage and current output. This single-chamber box unit, with working dimensions of 12 inches high x 12 inches wide x 24 inches long, is heated with silicon-carbide glowbar elements mounted across the roof and beneath the heavy-duty silicon-carbide hearth plate for uniform heating. Four inches of premium-grade multi-layered ceramic-fiber insulation, for minimal heat loss and maximum durability in thermal-shock conditions, and 2.5 inches of mineral-wool insulation backup line the work area.            

ETREMA plans to use the furnace in process development work for its Galfenol alloy system. Galfenol is a new magnetostrictive material that offers a combination of excellent magnetostrictive and mechanical properties. ETREMA also offers engineering services focused on magnetostrictive device development for a variety of industries and applications.