Blast Machine

The Model GWB-702T – a rotary table wheel-blast system with one blast wheel over each half of a 4,000-pound-capacity, 70-inch-diameter turntable – is especially suitable for batch processing of work pieces that are essentially flat or have limited vertical surfaces. Each blast wheel is directly driven at a speed of 3,000 RPM by a 10-HP motor and is capable of throwing approximately 220 pounds of metallic media per minute in an extended blast pattern up to 36 inches long. The blast pattern of the individual blast wheels is adjustable, so the twin wheels are aimed to provide rapid and thorough coverage of components on the entire surface of the turntable. GWB-702T wheel-blast machines come standard-equipped with an enhanced shot reclamation system that includes a tunable cascade air-wash separator to remove dust from the working media mix as well as an independently adjustable cyclone separator to capture and reuse good shot or grit that would otherwise be carried over to the dust collector. The sensitive multi-stage reclaim enables the use of microscopic shot media for nondestructive cleaning applications.