Hosted, organized and presented by ALD-Holcroft

This two-day technical symposium (May 22-23) at Michigan State University’s Management Education Center is designed to educate and update you on equipment, metallurgy, technical advancements and techniques for low-pressure carburizing and high-pressure gas quenching. The purpose of this symposium is to keep you abreast of key technologies; to provide you with a broader understanding of the technology; and to give you an opportunity to network with others involved in vacuum carburizing.

Who should attend this seminar?
  • Experienced vacuum carburizing users who need more from the process
  • Those considering the change from atmosphere processing to vacuum processing
  • Gear and bearing design engineers
  • Manufacturing engineers wanting to integrate heat treating into the normal production environment
  • Metallurgists concerned with intergranular oxidation (IGO)
  • Current and prospective users of vacuum carburizing equipment
The technical program includes presentations by senior executives, application engineers, metallurgical scientists and experts in low-pressure vacuum carburizing. Bring questions and receive feedback from these industry leaders.

Visitwww.ald-holcroft.comor call 248-668-4130 for more information. Registration ($295) is now open.