The Timken Company announced the completion of its ultrasonic test (UT) inspection line at the company’s Faircrest Steel Plant in Canton, Ohio. This $5 million investment increases Timken’s large-bar finishing capacity and helps ensure large-bar sound-center quality. This inspection line allows full-body inspection for bar diameters ranging from 6-24 inches (15.2-61 cm) and for lengths up to 35 feet (10.6 meters). It also allows for the inspection of the internal volume and the surface of bar products for defects and helps characterize the “center soundness” of bars.          

The UT line is part of Timken’s $40 million investment in an automated, high-volume in-line forge press at the Faircrest facility. Timken expects the press to begin operation in early 2013 and expand its product capabilities to meet ultrasonic specifications that are even more demanding and, at the same time, reduce the cycle time for larger products.