SECO/WARWICK S.A. has supplied two vacuum furnaces that greatly extend the range of technological possibilities at Z.P.H. Jan Tarapata in Kolbuszowa, Poland. The scope of delivery includes a VPT-type vacuum furnace with a high-pressure cooling system and high-vacuum system, isothermal quenching, vacuum carburizing FineCarb® and pre-nitriding PreNitLPC®. The furnace enables hardening, tempering, annealing, age hardening, brazing and vacuum carburizing. The furnace’s technology means heat-treated parts won’t oxidize and part deformations will be minimized using gas quenching.

The second furnace is a VTR type with vacuum purge and gas nitriding ZeroFlow® technology. The furnace makes it possible to temper and nitride while maintaining very high purity loads. Both furnaces are equipped with modern control systems, enabling them to obtain a very repeatable process while maintaining high parameters of heat treatment.