AFC-Holcroft received an order from a commercial heat treater for a two-row pusher carburizing line and is delivering the equipment on a piece-by-piece basis directly onto the customer’s plant floor in order to improve the delivery schedule. The equipment consists of prewash, preheat, a two-row pusher carburizing furnace capable of holding 26 trays, hot oil quench with air-to-oil heat exchanger, spray dunk post-wash, a single-row temper furnace and tray transfers.            

In order to meet the customer’s immediate production demands, AFC-Holcroft agreed that as each major component of the project is fabricated, the component will be delivered to the job site and placed directly into position on the customer’s plant floor. The equipment will be utilized primarily for the carburizing of parts, but the furnace line will also be capable of carburizing, carbonitriding, neutral hardening and marquenching.