L&L Special Furnace Co. shipped five multi-purpose bench-mounted box furnaces to a leading steel manufacturer in the southern U.S. The furnaces are used in the laboratory department for testing sample blocks of steel. This is a critical part of the testing and quality department to ensure that manufactured products meet strict quality criteria. The Model GS1714 has internal dimensions of 17 inches wide x 12 inches high x 14.5 inches deep. Included is a spring-assist vertical lift door that allows for effortless loading and unloading at high temperatures.

The furnace is constructed from 3 inches of lightweight IFB firebrick and backed up with 2 inches of board insulation. The elements are supported in hard ceramic element holders, which allows for long element life. The control is a proprietary Dynatrol program control standard with each unit. The Dynatrol has six programs with eight segments each. There is also an industrial control option that includes a Honeywell DCP50 program control and a UDC 1200 over-temperature control and solid state relay. This allows for adjustable PID logic and finer temperature control around setpoint.