Lucifer Furnaces delivered a large fiber-lined, forced-air recirculating oven to The Lincoln Electric Company in Cleveland, Ohio. With chamber dimensions of 24 inches high x 24 inches wide x 36 inches long, the oven features a uniformity of +/-15°F between 200°F and 1200°F.  Constructed with ceramic-fiber insulation for energy savings and faster heating and cooling cycles, the oven includes a stainless steel roller hearth for ease of loading/unloading. It also includes a Honeywell over-temperature controller and chart recorder.

Heating elements located on the side walls are designed from heavy-gauge resistive element wire mounted over ceramic tubes for full radiation from the coils for rapid heat.  Each element is mounted individually for easy, low-cost replacement. A high-volume stainless steel fan assembly with heat slinger circulates air around the alloy liner, past the heating elements and through the chamber, providing uniform heat to the workload. A safety micro switch automatically shuts off power to the fan and heating elements when the door is opened.