Tip-up Furnaces

BeaverMatic’s tip-up furnaces are precision-engineered powerhouses that can heat treat 40-feet-wide x 10-feet-high x 10-feet-long loads weighing up to 100,000 pounds. They are ideal for carburizing, annealing, stress relieving, nitriding and ferritic nitrocarburizing. When installed in a system with a quench tank and manipulator, tip-up furnaces can be used for hardening. They utilize energy-efficient ceramic-fiber insulation modules, and circulating fans help maintain excellent temperature uniformity at up to 1750°F. BeaverMatic’s tip-up furnace is highly reliable and efficient for heavy loads and high-volume processing requirements. One customer said that they “annealed more than 7 million pounds of product in just 3 ½ months while experiencing a substantial improvement in work flow and throughput by stacking and configuring baskets and trays to process daily loads weighing 70,000-90,000 pounds.” BeaverMatic tip-up furnaces can be custom configured to meet individual company needs.