Lucifer Furnaces shipped an HL7-A12 box furnace to SunCoast Automation 2000 Inc., which designs and builds automated systems for various industries. The furnace, which is ideal for annealing, brazing, hardening and normalizing, has heating elements located on both side walls and reaches 2300°F. The heavy-gauge, low-watt, density-coiled elements are housed in easy-to-replace holders. A 6-inch-high x 6-inch-wide x 12-inch-long chamber is insulated with 2.5 inches of low-iron insulating brick as well as 2.5 inches of mineral-wool block for energy-efficient operation and low outside shell temperature.

A 1-inch-thick hearth plates provides a strong work surface for parts. The double-pivot horizontal-swing door keeps the hot surface away from the operator at all times and is designed with a safety microswitch to shut power to heating elements when the door is opened. An automated Honeywell digital time-proportioning temperature controller for precision heat treating is mounted on the side wall of the unit.