DOWA Thermotech Co. Ltd. entered into an agreement with Hightemp Furnaces Ltd. (HTF) to acquire shares in HTF, which is the largest heat-treatment and industrial furnace manufacturer in India. The share acquisition date is scheduled for the end of September, with DOWA Thermotech acquiring up to 80% of shares outstanding in HTF at that time. HTF, which operates five plants in India, has maintained a relationship with the DOWA Group for over 20 years, including the licensing of technology in 1985 and capital participation in 1991. The heat-treatment market is expected to grow significantly in India in association with the expansion of automobile production.            

After acquiring the controlling interest, the DOWA Group will establish a firm position in the expanding Indian market by adding DOWA Thermotech’s manufacturing technologies and its network of Japanese customers to HTF’s business base. The group will also seek to meet demand from DOWA Thermotech’s Japanese customers for advancement and business expansion in India by enhancing the lineup of batch furnaces and introducing new manufacturing technologies, such as continuous furnaces, from Japan, in addition to the existing licensing of technologies.