Harper International has been awarded a project by the Georgia Institute of Technology for the production of an innovative university-scale, carbon-fiber (CF) thermal-processing system. Georgia Tech has received DARPA funding in the area of carbon fibers and partnered with Harper to develop a customized process system for their research purposes. Georgia Tech required an especially distinctive configuration in the line to accommodate fractional tow sizes in the range of less than 100 filaments. This condition pushes the boundaries for typical carbon-fiber processing, as traditional commercial CF lines handle tow sizes of 3K.

Harper International has installed a full pilot-scale carbon-fiber (CF) process line for FISIPE S.A., an international leader in specialty acrylic fibers for technical applications. In addition, Harper and FISIPE S.A. developed a collaborative agreement in which the pilot process line in Lavradio, Portugal, is available as an open reference and capabilities demonstration to other select Harper clients. Harper’s process equipment solution incorporates its proprietary multi-flow oxidation oven, advanced LT and HT slot furnaces rated for 800°C and 1800°C respectively, surface treatment and waste-gas abatement systems, and winders.