Wisconsin Oven designed and manufactured a gas-fired batch oven for a supplier of specialty tubing and bar products. The industrial oven, which is being used for hydrogen embrittlement relief of steel rods for the automotive industry, has four zones and a load capacity to heat 3,000 pounds of steel. It has chamber dimensions of 6.5 feet wide x 28 feet long x 6 feet high, maximum operating temperature of 500ºF and normal operating temperature of 430°F. The oven is AMS2750D compliant.

The heat-treating oven is constructed with 4-inch-thick tongue-and-groove panel assemblies and 20-gauge aluminized steel interiors and ductwork. The heating system features an industrial 850,000-BTU-per-hour air heat burner that includes a motorized gas control valve, flame detector and flame relay with alarm horn. The recirculation system has two 6,000-CFM @ 15-HP blowers and utilizes combination airflow to maximize heating rates and temperature uniformity.