Process Imaging Solution

The ThermoView™ Pi20 process imager and DataTemp® Pi (DTPi) software provides an expanded view of process performance in a wide range of industrial applications. Designed for automated monitoring and control of continuous or stationary targets, the ThermoView Pi20 fixed-mounted process imager provides a real-time process view of thermal images, allowing plant operators to shorten process start-up times and lower production line changeover costs. The camera is paired with the intuitive DTPi software, which minimizes or eliminates the long learning curve associated with many process imaging systems. The rugged ThermoView Pi20 camera is offered in two temperature ranges: -40 to 932°F and 392 to 3632ºF. It provides easy networking over long distances using a standard Ethernet interface, which transmits up to 30 frames per second of imaging data from the camera.