Hardness Tester

The UCI 1000 ultrasonic portable hardness tester is incorporated with state-of-the-art UCI technology, which enables hardness testing on very thin and small workpieces. The UCI 1000 is a high-precision portable device for quick measuring of metals hardness, including surface-hardened layers (cementation, nitride hardening, high-frequency current hardening), plated coating (chrome) and mechanical strength estimation. The hardness tester is used for measuring within the hardness ranges of main hardness scales and tensile strength. The UCI 1000 is offered with different additional changeable sensors of different design for measuring in slots, blind holes and in other areas. The tester has a flexible memory for recording results and also allows the stored results to be transferred to a PC at a later stage with the help of software. The UCI 1000 can be used for testing various materials like steel, case-hardened articles, turbine rotors, crankshafts, gears and welded joints.